There are a couple of conditions under which a client may record and get returns which include:


On account of cancellation of a request, this ought to be done inside 3 hours of installment. As from that point forward, the request will be moved to the delivery division and no discount will be given.

No reception:

On the off chance that a client doesn’t get the request inside 21 days of installment handling, he/she may demand a discount. Yet, we don’t give refunds in the accompanying cases:

Change of clients address

The client gives us an off-base location

The request gets conveyed at the right location, however no one there to guarantee the bundle.

Ineffective products:

Flexi Pharmacy is a respectable online drug store that sells hands down the best products. As we give 100% assurance of our meds in the event that, any client feels that the products got by them are ineffective. They can demand discount around the same time or the following day without taking an excessive amount of time in educating us. What’s more, we will just make a full discount in the event that the prescriptions are unharmed. Furthermore, in a similar condition, it was conveyed. In the event that the medications are not in legitimate condition no discount will be made.

For client data, the discount will be made to a similar record from which the installment was gotten.


Reshipment of the products can be mentioned in the accompanying cases-

Postponement if there should arise an occurrence of deferral in the conveyance of the item, the clients are encouraged to advise the Customer Service Manager about it through talk, mail or telephone, and we will check the status on our end. In the event that the request cannot be followed, we will sort out a re-dispatch right away.

Harmed products–Our transportation divisions ensure that no harm to item happens while bundling. However, on the off chance that the products get harmed during transportation or in transit we give our clients free reshipping.